Lesson Learned: Practice really helps (Digital Art)

2013-11-11 08:56:00 by mspopsie21

As you can see, most of my digital artwork here are more of traditional or I draw on paper. I have a drawing tablet a few years ago but I rarely use it. I tried to practice but I become so frustrated (maybe I was insecured at other peoples skills on digital art) like I only finished 2-3 digital artworks that time. So now I practice again and got a picture of Lana Del Rey and tried to draw her digitally. I didn't know I can go this far. Lesson learned: Practice makes you perfect well not that perfect. Better maybe :)

Lesson Learned: Practice really helps (Digital Art)


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2013-11-12 10:23:37

I'm really practicing art too and want to make cartoon like characters.
But I have to do life art first and can't even paint grey scale. D:

mspopsie21 responds:

Well, I think I'm not the right person to teach you since I think my skills isn't enough. My advice is experiment on things or styles you're comfortable with and practice it. I known my advice is so common but it's worth it. It might take time but have patience. :)

Note: I'm very sorry 'cause you're post was been a long time. Just opened this recently