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Posted by mspopsie21 - September 25th, 2020

Oh wow, I can't believe I still managed to open my newgrounds account for almost 6 years! Man that username is cringe af, I don't know what I was thinking but i'm not thinking of changing it. Reminder that I thought it was cool at that time


Posted by mspopsie21 - June 18th, 2014


Posted by mspopsie21 - November 12th, 2013

Please help or pray for the victims of the Typhoon Haiyan or more known as Yolanda here in the Philippines. I'm a Filipino and I didn't experience this event here in my place but I'm very sad about this event. With over 10,000 people dead in the central part of the Philippines (Most of the deaths have been caused by storm surge ) and the devastating result it gave the place. You can't even imagine it would be resulted like this.
There is this certain part of the news that I watched. A certain city in the Leyte, Philippines that can't be accessed either by cars or trucks so the reporter went their by a helicopter bringing only a camera and a microphone because they need to know what's going on their now. When they're landing, people were running towards them because they taught they were bringing relief goods. The reporter saw they're many dead bodies scattered beside the roads, under the roofs and ply woods, anywhere. The smell of dead bodies surrounds the entire place. The reporter interviewed their barangay captain or the head of the community. He said all of them didn't eat food for 4 days because they still haven't received relief goods. He was asked what they needed. The barangay captain said they need help, food, water and medicine. He said these words over and over especially the word "Help". As he said these words he cries. I even almost cried. The residents said even if the reporter didn't bring any relief goods it is alright because the reporter gave them the chance to be broadcasts on the television. They were saying like "My relatives in Manila I'm safe here but the rest of the family here are dead now", "My wife in Virginia I'm safe but all of our children were dead now", "My relatives in Metro Manila, grandpa is dead", etc. As they say those words I really think I'm going to cry because you can feel what they have gone through.

Posted by mspopsie21 - November 11th, 2013

As you can see, most of my digital artwork here are more of traditional or I draw on paper. I have a drawing tablet a few years ago but I rarely use it. I tried to practice but I become so frustrated (maybe I was insecured at other peoples skills on digital art) like I only finished 2-3 digital artworks that time. So now I practice again and got a picture of Lana Del Rey and tried to draw her digitally. I didn't know I can go this far. Lesson learned: Practice makes you perfect well not that perfect. Better maybe :)

Lesson Learned: Practice really helps (Digital Art)

Posted by mspopsie21 - October 25th, 2013

My sister have a lot of short animations and short film on her pc so I watched some of it. So after watching each animation and film I become a bit depressed for some moment because there endings are good but TRAGIC!!!
When I watch those kind of stuff, there is no time I will not cry.

Posted by mspopsie21 - October 24th, 2013

Yey! Finally, I finished my latest artwork. After all of the lack of sleep and endless coffee, it's worth it.
Time to relax now and just watch movies.

Posted by mspopsie21 - October 23rd, 2013

Well, I've been very busy these past few months for my artworks that I even don't access the internet or open my facebook anymore for updates and I noticed that I always repeat the same songs for months that you feel you don't enjoy it anymore so I want to have a new kind of music to listen to(I work fast when I listen to music). I asked a friend if she knows any new songs or artists to listen to so she suggests Lana Del Rey. I really don't know her so my friend sent me some music of her to my phone.
I first listened to "Dark Paradise". You know as I listened throughout the music I felt goosebumps and I got to the point where my imagination was like working. I was like viewing a masquerade ball during the 15th-16th century and Lana Del Rey's music was playing throughout the dance in that ball. I felt I'm in love with her music now.
Then I listened to "Off to the Races", Summertime Sadness" and "Lolita". I like all of her songs but these ones are my favorite so far.
Her music is also one of my inspirations so I'm really passionate now with my works.

(She's really beautiful >_<)

Lana Del Rey's Music

Posted by mspopsie21 - October 22nd, 2013

Yey! Got my first commission from a friend. I'm really glad she gave me a chance to do this artwork. She is a great fan of Game of Throne (me also :D) especially Sansa Stark. It's still not finished yet but I'm going to show what's going on right now with the artwork. I made it using techpen and some water color and and color pencil. I hope she like it especially she mentioned she have a frame for it now. I'm happy she even go for something like that but a big thank you to her. I really hope she like it. :D

Commision Art (Sansa Stark)

Posted by mspopsie21 - October 16th, 2013

I really have an account before this one. I have a tight schedule so I can't use Newgrounds for many months until sadly I forgot my password and I can't access to my e-mail so I decided to make a new one.